Useful Tips To Leverage Memes For Your Social Media Marketing Needs


When you're creating your social media marketing plan, you're essentially striving toward one goal: for your content to be seen by the largest amount of people possible. The more people that see it, the more leads you get. So, how do you get eyes on your work?

Create relatable, shareable content. And what are some of the most relatable, shareable things out there? Memes.

When you make memes for your business, you're boosting the chances that people are going to see your content and show it to a friend; it's the new (and digital) word of mouth. Here's how to make a successful meme for your marketing efforts:

Take advantage of current events

When you look at Wendy's social media, it's essentially a case study in how to make highly shareable content for your social channels. This meme was created when Avengers: Infinity War had just hit the screen. Thanos snapping his fingers unleashed a whole wave of memes across the internet, and Wendy's capitalized on that popularity. And, they met a huge amount of success: 236,000 likes and 78,000 retweets.

They also took a savage hit at one of their competitors, which might not be the tone of your brand, but still teaches a lesson. People look at the hit on Big Macs and share it with their friends, because they're amused at the direct shot.

Make them visually appealing

No one wants to share a meme that looks ugly, or one with a layout that doesn't make sense. The best memes are simple, to the point, and provide a laugh within a few seconds.

Slim Jims takes a simple concept and inserts their product into it. The result is an easy to digest meme that people will relate to right away. Another positive of creating marketing content using memes? You don't even need to do your own original photography. Slim Jims is able to convey their message here by using a photo that didn't necessarily have anything to do with Slim Jims, until they added their text.

It's easy, effective marketing.

Use a meme maker

Like we said, you need to learn to make your own memes. If you've never made a meme before, that might sound intimidating to you. But all you actually need to do is download the Memes App. Once you do, you'll be immediately presented with all the tools you could possibly need to create any meme you'd like. You get access to thousands of photos, and can upload your own. You also get thousands of layouts to plug your memes into.

If you're looking for inspiration, you can also engage with the meme community, which is already composed of millions of other people. That way, you can search through and see which memes are popular right now, and work your own brand spin into them.

The world, and your business, need your meme creativity. No more boring Facebook ads with simple text and tired old photos. It's time to show off your meme game.

Get started HERE!

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