Memes Are The Best Way To Express Yourself. Here's How To Do It!


It’s 2021, and memes are the undisputed champions of the internet. Sorry, cute cat videos. You were so 2006. Memes have captured the crown, and they're here to stay. The beauty of memes is they're so incredibly versatile.

Looking for hilarious content for social media?


Want to add a touch of humor to a presentation to keep your audience's attention?

Memes again.

Looking to go all out and create a full blown memes video?

Uh, duh... memes.

There’s no better way to tap into internet culture than with a well-constructed meme. You can design classic memes with plenty of cats (we still love you, kitties, no matter the year). Or, you can start from scratch (<-subtle cat pun) and create your own soon-to-be iconic meme.

Get the Memes app HERE, and see what you can come up with.


The Memes app is an entire platform dedicated to meme culture. With a super user-friendly interface, you can literally make an entire meme from scratch in less than a minute. Yes, you, and yes, in less than sixty seconds. You get to create your custom memes by searching among a database of thousands of images, and then use a meme template complete with text, gifs, and stickers of your choice. You also can go template-free, or use your own custom image. And now that video is more popular than ever, you can even use advanced video editing tools.

No Photoshop (yuck). No complicated editing apps (double yuck). All you need is the app and you can go from idea to publishing within minutes (YAY!). Even better, with the app you can share with your friends, connect with other memers around the world, and really become a part of a the meme community.

And once you get the app, here are some tips to help make your meme go viral while fully expressing yourself at the same time....

Tips for creating a meme

Coronavirus memes: These AI-generated memes are better than ones created by  humans - Vox
We all love that hit of dopa-meme that we get from a hilarious meme. But after all the time you've spent consuming them — and we know that is a lot of time — have you ever contemplated making some memes of your own? How do you start?

As we mentioned, you can get the Memes app HERE. This makes creating memes easier than ever. But what type of memes should you make? What should go into them? And how can you increase the odds of them being received favorably?

Boy, you sure do ask a lot of questions. But don't fear, because we're about to share our top tips for creating a winning meme design.

Fit in to stand out

Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands - Imgflip

A great meme should be unique. Check to make sure the idea you have hasn't been done to death already. Nobody is going to laugh at the same joke for the 12,011th time.

Beyond being unique, you also want your meme to tap into current trends, events and jokes. Do some research and see what’s trending before you get started. This is where hashtags are your friend. Look at the top trending topics, read through the stories, jokes and memes that are catching fire, get inspired, make your own and throw it into the fray. This increases your meme's odds of being seen and enjoyed by those looking for this particular subject.
Make it shareable

They Don't Know

Great memes deserve to be spread to the masses. Heck, that's why we created our website. Upload your memes to all your social media sites, and make sure your settings allow it to be shared. One person might share it to their friends, then they'll share it to theirs, so on and so forth until your meme is a viral sensation.

As much as a meme would help liven up your private blog, it won't gain a lot of traction if no one can find it. Remember what you learned in Kindergarten and share with the whole class.

Keep it simple and clear

Confused Blonde | Math Lady / Confused Lady | Know Your Meme

Memes are the best way to express your creativity, but don't go nuts. If you reinvent the wheel too hard, you're gonna wind up with oval tires and won't travel very far.

Use clear and simple fonts to make it easy and quick for your audience to read your memes. Also, avoid pictures with potato quality. No one's going to laugh at the image if they can't tell what the image is.
Bring your ideas to life

Galaxy Brain Memes For All The True Geniuses Out There - Galaxy Brain |  Memes
Your memes won't get any love if they never get made. There's no reason to be intimidated. You're now armed with knowledge, and the greatest meme-making tool out there.

You’ll love all the different types of memes you can create. There’s something for everyone. They’re fully customizable, so you can add music, video clips, animation and more to make them your own.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the app HERE and don't let your memes remain just dreams.

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