If You're In Marketing, Here's What You Need To Know About Memes


As an internet marketer, you're already on top of the trends. You know about personalized emails and omnichannel marketing. You know how important SEO optimization is, and you know voice interaction is becoming an even bigger part of it. And you know that even with all the new technology, content is still king.

So, do you know how powerful it can be to make memes for your content marketing purposes? Scroll Instagram for all of second, and you'll run into a meme. You might pause, and laugh. And in the hands of a consumer, that pause is valuable.

Here's the short list on why memes are so popular:

1. They're easy to make if you're using the right meme maker.

2. One of the most sharable things in the world is something people find funny.

3. Memes can convey a big message in a short amount of words.

4. A younger demographic will appreciate them...and the older demographic can understand them as well.

5. They riff off of current events, the actions of politicians and celebrities, and any other widely known events. This use of shared experiences makes them widely relatable to a large amount of groups when you're targeting your key demographic.

The best memes are often just plays on another meme. It's the phenomenon of taking an existing format, plugging your own content into it, and showing off the result. Your creativity comes from how humorously you can make your own business's or brand's content fit into the confines of the existing boundaries.

Gucci played off of the "the guy she told you not to worry about" meme structure that already existed, and plugged their own content into it:

You have a casual, "cheap" watch on the left, and then Gucci's watch on the right. Your content can be added into almost any existing meme format out there, you just have to think of a way to spin it creatively to fit it in a way that makes people hit that share button. Think edgy, clever, or shocking; the emotions that make people want to talk about something they see with another person.

Here, Fenty Beauty used Thanksgiving as the starting point for their meme. It's the perfect way to take an extremely universal concept, such as a national holiday, and create something that people will want to share. They took their own brand voice, used their own product, and crafted it into a Thanksgiving post. Almost 50,000 likes can't be wrong — this one was a success.

The same goes for this post from Denny's.

Denny's takes advantage of Valentine's day in this wildly successful post. With 268,000 followers and 24,430 likes, the ratio of likes to followers here likely meant that this meme went viral, and was shared from person to person, and not just the people that were following the account to begin with. Not only do they make a joke that's so bad that it's good, it prompts people to want to share, because they can either send it to their special someone, or to someone else who agrees that the puns are terrible.

So, should you start using memes in your own marketing? Hopefully by now you know that the answer is a definitive yes.

If you're not sure where to start, use a meme maker. And not all meme makers are created equal. You don't want to use a confusing, poorly formatted generator. Instead, the Memes App takes care of everything for you.

Want to upload your own image and add text? You got it. Want to choose from a library of images and go from there? Yep, you can do that. You've got every possible preset frame you'll need to format your meme masterpiece, and a community of millions of other memers on the app that you can look to for inspiration. Literally every single tool you need to create a viral meme is right at your fingertips. It's just up to you to make it.

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