Here's How Memes Can Help Your Online Marketing Efforts


In 2020, e-commerce sales around the world totaled up to over $4 trillion. To put it simply, that's a lot of money.

If you have a business, marketing for ecommerce sales is more important than ever, and sales are only expected to increase. So, how are you going to compete in the online world with all the other companies vying for dollars? Memes.

Yeah, that's right, we said memes. Memes can actually be a powerful tool in your marketing campaign if leveraged correctly. Here's how:

Start with the right image

Your meme isn't going to go anywhere if you don't have the right image attached to it. The main goal you're trying to achieve is to get your meme to go viral. By that, we don't necessarily mean it has to get 7 million views on TikTok and make the nightly news. Instead, you're looking to make a shareable piece of content that performs much better than your other pieces of content because your followers passed it around amongst themselves.

Finding the right image depends on the content you're trying to market.

Bark Box decided to take an existing meme photo and add their own text, which is an easy way to capitalize off of the momentum that other memes have already been gaining. When a user sees that you've cleverly integrated your original caption into a photo they're familiar with, they might be more likely to share. Also, people love dogs.

You can also choose an original photo that includes your product or service, and hop on a trendy saying to pair it up with. The more relevant and funny your content, of course, the better reception it's going to get.

Know your audience

No one knows your audience better than you (or perhaps your Google Analytics.) If you are catering to older folks, then make the content relatable to their lives. They're not going to connect with a Pokémon meme — but perhaps nostalgic millennials are. On the same note, millennials are likely not going to need to think about life insurance quite yet. The same demographic rules of your other marketing content relate to your meme content, too.

And, when all else fails, everyone out there loves a good (or really bad) pun. The share-ability of things like puns or relevant jokes can only boost the chances of your efforts getting shared.

Make the meme

So, how do you actually make your meme?

You don't have to be a master of Photoshop. You literally just have to use the Memes App.

This meme maker is the simplest one out there. There's 1000+ preset frames you can choose from to format your meme, pictures for you to use, and a text editor all built in. You can let your creativity shine, because you can literally make whatever your creativity allows you to make.

There's also millions of other members already using it who you can interact with and gain inspiration from.

We're looking forward to seeing some new memes out there. Go ahead and make that content, and make that sale.

Get started HERE!

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