The Best of Back in My Day Grandpa

We’re all told to respect our elders, but sometimes our elders are kinda jerks. Take Back in My Day Grandpa here. What a sourpuss. What’s your problem, sir? Not a fan of huge advances in healthcare? 4,000 TV channels? Delicious fast food?

Back in the Day Wasn’t That Great 

If there’s one thing you can rely on when it comes to old people, it’s that they love talking about what life was like “back in the day.” It’s rude to ask when that was (Jurassic? Triassic? Cretaceous?), but whenever it was, it seemed absolutely awful.


Good lord. That makes serving in World War II seem like a walk in the park.


To be fair, people are still sometimes named that and people are still referring to you when they say it (not because it’s your name, though).


Eh, that’s still kind of the case.


…well, we have it way better then, right? What’re you complaining about?


As much as I hate Internet tough guys, they’re worth it.


Finally, something I can relate to.

Life’s Little Disappointments 

Whoever this guy is, he’s seen some things. That’s not a face you can pull out of nowhere. That’s a face that is immediately deployable, sitting near the surface because it’s been used time and time again.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why that might be.


That’s the worst.


“….also, I have to repeat first grade.”


I drop it in the garbage. What’s the point?


This means war…the second one for this guy.


To Instagram


There is never any excuse for this – even if I said I was done with them. You. Must. Ask.


Yeah right, like your mom’s even alive anymore, old man. Quit playing.

One Very Judgmental Old Man 

Between looking disappointed and judgmental, it’s hard to imagine when this old man finds time for a nice warm glass of milk.

Not surprisingly, Back in My Day Grandpa is not too impressed with you. He sees what you’re doing and he’s judging, judging, judging.


Ummm, it’s called a headache and I don’t want to get out of bed today, anyway. Jeeze


Well, me think your hat is dumb! 


This explains your attitude. And your worms.


He’s talking to no small amount of you who post on here, kids. Just saying.

If you have some ideas about what is behind those eyes, use our meme generator to tell the world. Back in my day, we had to make them by hand!