That’s Not How You Eat It Memes

There are certain painful experiences in life that most people will simply never escape. At some point or another, you will go through a nasty breakup. You’ll lose a loved one too. However, there is another type of emotional damage few people are ever prepared for and that’s watching someone eat a certain food item in a way that it clearly wasn’t designed for.

Look, there are rules. There are those made into laws and there are the implicit ones that may not be written down, but they’re no less important to the ongoing survival of society. “That’s Not How You Eat It” memes are about bringing attention to the anarchists who step out of line and making an example of them.

This Is Probably Child Abuse

Here we have a small child who simply wants to eat a burrito. We can’t fault him there. It looks like a tasty little number too. The problem is that his parent is apparently gleefully raising a monster.

This is absolute madness. The burrito was designed so you could eat it with one hand and not miss a single morsel. Yet this poor young man literally has his hands full and will probably still end up with a mess. Someone call child services.

Break Me Off a Piece of That –

Dear Lord. Never mind. I want nothing to do with that Kit Kat Bar much less the monster who is eating it like this.

This is especially unforgivable because you can tell it’s a grown man eating it, which means he’s had ample time to be exposed to Kit Kat Bar commercials. There are two things all of those commercials have in common: the demanding song and the fact that it depicts people eating Kit Kat Bars like civilized individuals, by breaking each piece off one at a time.

Who Even Needs That Much Gum?

The main problem with this picture is that no one needs that much bubblegum all at once. It suggests that the person who took that enormous bite was doing it simply to break the rules and give society the bird.

I would be for a Constitutional amendment whereby people who purchase Bubble Tape are made to register and then check in daily to ensure they’re eating it the way law-abiding citizens do.

Who Did This to You?

Look at the boy in this health book. See how dead his eyes are? It’s because some dumb adult is making him eat the taco this way. Some terrible person who has never had a taco in their entire life was like, “No, no. Do it this way, silly.”

He finally gave in. He just wants his paycheck for the photo shoot. But you can tell it has taken its toll. He’s been through something that will haunt him the rest of his life and perhaps even kill his love of tacos.

Do you have pictures of people who are willfully ignoring the rules of engagement with food? If so, please use our Meme Generator and everyone else on can share in your pain.