Attractive Convict Memes 

Nothing about the term “mug shot” makes it sound like the person is going to look attractive. You don’t call an attractive person’s face “a mug” after all. That’s for hardened criminals, the biologically cursed and people who – hang on a minute!

Dear God.

Is that an angel? What could she possibly have been arrested for? Did she break some ordinance in Uglytown?

Whatever the case, even if you don’t think the following memes are funny, there is no denying they are very, very attractive.

What’d She Do? 

It’s rude to ask a woman her age, weight and the reason behind her mug shot. Still, we can definitely take some guesses.


Worth it.


One of those didn’t even work that well. 


…she’ll fight my fights.


That’s way worse than prison, to be fair.


This is the most believable reason.

A More Attractive Version of Life in Prison 

I think it’s safe to say that when people think of prison, the vast majority of us do not imagine a very glamorous place – unless you’ve actually been because then you don’t need to imagine.

However, Attractive Convict has me rethinking things. Sure, I’m a man, so there’s no way we’d get to meet, but my God. Maybe I should consider becoming a guard.

Anyway, here’s a look at the more attractive side of getting locked up.


Yeah, take notes, ladies. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to break a law or two from time to time.


If those are the last eyes you see before a shanking, it could be A LOT worse.


“…that’s not enough numbers.”

What Were We Just Talking About? 

Alright, let’s face it, the memes wouldn’t even have to be funny for this to go viral and that’s kind of unfair. There are countless other pictures out there we could add text to, but those people aren’t perfect 10s (and she’s not even trying in this picture).

So for this last section, let’s just bask in this woman’s glory…but not too much, bud, that’s my girlfriend you’re looking at.


Pretty much sums it up.


I would do nothing but lie to this woman if this is how she’d look at me.


I forgive her.


now I just need to look up her first name.


I couldn’t care less about the other nine. Just add nine more photos of her.

While I wish this woman the best and hope she doesn’t get in trouble again…would another mug shot be so bad?

Speaking of which, if you have your own to add, give our meme generator a try and show us what you got.

Anti-Joke Chicken Memes 

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

If you’re the chicken in this meme, you know the answer and it’s not funny and why don’t you grow up?

Chickens have really tough lives. They spend all day bobbing their heads, producing eggs that get stolen right out from under them and, eventually, end up deep-fried and tasting absolutely delicious.

So I guess it’s kind of understandable that the anti-joke chicken in this meme isn’t in the mood for any of your hijinks. He’s more than happy to tell you about it, though.

Obvious Answers That Ruin Jokes 

We’ve all been there. We have a great joke ready to go. We tell our friends and…someone ruins it by giving the most obvious answer that’s not even a good punch line. That person is not your friend, by the way. In any case, he’s been immortalized in these memes.


yeesh. Starting off on a high note.




…I don’t get it.


Yeah, well, ya didn’t see this coming! *smacks him in the beak*


Well, you don’t, because you’re a dumb chicken who’s good for nothing but getting eaten.


I feel like that was directed at me.

Anti-Joke Chicken Lightens Up 

Even anti-joke chicken has to loosen up every now and then. He’s literally known as a “cock.” Who can be made at life all day with that hanging over their heads?

Or maybe that explains it.

Well, at least he gets in the spirit of things from time to time.


Ha! Anti-joke chicken! Where did that come from?!?


Anti-joke chicken is kind of a pervert.


This is how I imagine anti-joke chicken after a few drinks.


You’re right. Chicken is way better for you.

Anti-Joke Takes Things Too Far 

After years of hearing people’s dumb jokes, the chicken has come up with some of his own. And I thought the homeless guy one was bad…


Yeah, well, what he lacks in legs, he makes up for in laughs, which is more than I can say about you!


Wow…that’s some dark meat.


Good lord, I was just leaving.


Now that’s what I call jerk chicken!


Do chickens eat crickets? Because I’m hearing a lot of them right now.

Anti-Joke Chicken Has Had Enough


As for me, I’m off to KFC.

Think you have a good idea about what’s put Anti-Joke Chicken into such a bad mood? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Use our free meme generator and make one of your own.

Yoga is a time-honored tradition that is meant to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. However, over the past decade or so, yoga has also become a constant source of amusement for those of us who love a good fail gif. Wherever there are people filming themselves taking part in this ancient form of exercise, there will eventually be an amazing gif of them failing horribly.

Animals and Yoga GIF Fails

Life without our pets would be unimaginable for many of us. The same can be said for yoga. Unfortunately, the two don’t always mix.

For example, dogs are supposed to be a man’s best friend. However, sometimes they just can’t help themselves. Take this pooch for example:

I mean your dog needs to get some exercise too. “What’s wrong with right now? Oh, were you doing something?”

Pets aren’t always the best at taking hints either:

“Stretching are we? Not a problem; I’ll just crawl farther up your back. Better? Great.”

Other times, pets aren’t so much a distraction as they are showoffs. Here you are, trying to keep in shape and relax your mind. Good for you! Yoga is a deceptively difficult practice. It’s a lot more than just stretching or standing still for a few minutes at a time.

So when you finally hit a new pose, it’s a really big deal accompanied by quite the feeling of accomplishment. And it’s then that your pet may decide to prove it actually wasn’t that hard to do in the first place.

“What? You think all I can do is downward facing dog?”

Done with literally zero effort. If I was this dog’s owner I might decide he’s going without dinner.

And less you think that dogs are the only ones who can’t help themselves by showing off, here’s a kitten getting it done without even trying.

In fairness, that thing has a tail. That’s got to be cheating.

The Ultimate Cat Yoga Fail

In fact, of all the yoga fail gifs we have, the worst one was carried out by a cat – a cute little adorable kitten that looks like it would never harm so much as a butterfly. Yeah, well, watch this:

I will never trust a cat again. If I did do yoga, I would never do it again. This gif has forever changed my life.

How Yoga Should Be Done

Finally, I’m not sure this should technically qualify as a yoga fail gif because, let’s face it, most of us would consider this the most successful way to do it:

Actually, for a lot of us, drinking bottles of wine is the only way we could ever get ourselves into most yoga positions. This guy has the right idea:

See? Not so hard once you don’t have pets running around trying to ruin your workout.

The world could always use more yoga fail gifs and memes. If you think you have an idea for one, give our meme generator a try and show everyone out there what happens when you try to get in shape.

There are certain painful experiences in life that most people will simply never escape. At some point or another, you will go through a nasty breakup. You’ll lose a loved one too. However, there is another type of emotional damage few people are ever prepared for and that’s watching someone eat a certain food item in a way that it clearly wasn’t designed for.

Look, there are rules. There are those made into laws and there are the implicit ones that may not be written down, but they’re no less important to the ongoing survival of society. “That’s Not How You Eat It” memes are about bringing attention to the anarchists who step out of line and making an example of them.

This Is Probably Child Abuse

Here we have a small child who simply wants to eat a burrito. We can’t fault him there. It looks like a tasty little number too. The problem is that his parent is apparently gleefully raising a monster.

This is absolute madness. The burrito was designed so you could eat it with one hand and not miss a single morsel. Yet this poor young man literally has his hands full and will probably still end up with a mess. Someone call child services.

Break Me Off a Piece of That –

Dear Lord. Never mind. I want nothing to do with that Kit Kat Bar much less the monster who is eating it like this.

This is especially unforgivable because you can tell it’s a grown man eating it, which means he’s had ample time to be exposed to Kit Kat Bar commercials. There are two things all of those commercials have in common: the demanding song and the fact that it depicts people eating Kit Kat Bars like civilized individuals, by breaking each piece off one at a time.

Who Even Needs That Much Gum?

The main problem with this picture is that no one needs that much bubblegum all at once. It suggests that the person who took that enormous bite was doing it simply to break the rules and give society the bird.

I would be for a Constitutional amendment whereby people who purchase Bubble Tape are made to register and then check in daily to ensure they’re eating it the way law-abiding citizens do.

Who Did This to You?

Look at the boy in this health book. See how dead his eyes are? It’s because some dumb adult is making him eat the taco this way. Some terrible person who has never had a taco in their entire life was like, “No, no. Do it this way, silly.”

He finally gave in. He just wants his paycheck for the photo shoot. But you can tell it has taken its toll. He’s been through something that will haunt him the rest of his life and perhaps even kill his love of tacos.

Do you have pictures of people who are willfully ignoring the rules of engagement with food? If so, please use our Meme Generator and everyone else on can share in your pain.

Dads don’t always get the credit they deserve. Mother’s Day is a national holiday; Father’s Day is usually more of an afterthought. Fortunately, the Internet hasn’t forgotten about all the dads out there. Dad memes will give you a better appreciation for your old man or, you know, help you give him a hard time.

Dad Joke Memes

No childhood would be complete without your dad making really bad jokes. Something about being a man and having children automatically creates a human who can’t help but make jokes that aren’t funny. Worst of all, the more you don’t laugh at them, the more your dad is going to keep making them.

In each example, you know the dad laughed so hard at his own joke.

He won’t borrow you money, but he will buy a candle he has no intention of using just to make this joke.

The day your dad learns to text is the day you will begin receiving long-distance jokes.

Or messages like this one.

*Blows the candle out* “I wish for a new dad.”

It doesn’t matter the situation, if dad can launch an unfunny joke, he’s going to do it.

Wow. *Slow clap*

When Your Dad Memes

Another popular meme centers on certain behaviors all dads are known for aside from just telling bad jokes every chance they get.

“Who are you and what did you do with my dad?”

Of course, this was more often the case.

We’ve all been there.

“Was that a loan? I thought that was more of gift.”

This is usually when your friends knew it was time to go home.

Leather pants? Leather pants.

The ultimate dad joke.


Usually, he regretted the decision immediately.

Your dad loves you, but he’ll always love Home Depot even more.

Dad Level Memes

We’ve covered things dads can do that may get on our nerves a bit – their jokes being a prime example – but, sometimes, we couldn’t be prouder of them. Dad Level memes are usually used to depict fathers going above and beyond.

This is why all dads have bad backs.

Alright, that’s pretty cool.

Admittedly, not all Dad Level memes are about how great fathers are. Sometimes, they just can’t help themselves.

Dad Parenting Memes

Finally, dads make great parents, but their methods can sometimes be a bit…unique. Dad Parenting Memes show off some of the best/worst ways some of our dads have gone about taking care of their kids.

We’re not saying either way is better; they’re just different.

All technology should be revised specifically for dads.

They’re both going to sleep so well after this.

That. Is. Awesome.


If you’ve been inspired to create some Dad Memes of your own, our Meme Generator makes it as simple as possible. You can even use it to make a meme featuring your own father.