Best of Fat Girl


While people may refer to this as the “fat girl” meme, I know plenty of us just see this woman as reasonable and realistic.

Being overweight may not be healthy, but it’s a lot more enjoyable than exercising and not eating. For those who can relate, these memes are for you.

Diets Suck

Look, we all know that it’s important to eat healthy. We know that we’e supposed to eat salads and have fruits and quit carbs. The problem is  that those things taste awful compared to fast food and beer.

So I get this meme. Diets suck and are extremely easy (and rewarding) to cheat on.

Food > People

Along the same lines, there are times when food is just better than people. I call this “after you turn 30.”

When you compare the pros and cons of people and food, it’s no contest. Food is better. The official rankings go:

  1. Unhealthy Food
  2. Good People
  3. Healthy Food
  4. Bad People

And, to be honest, a lot of times, unhealthy food and good people are neck-and-neck. Like, they’re not great, but I’d rather have an apple than hang out with someone who is morally superior to me.

Diets Suck pt. 2

Sorry, but it’s worth bringing up again: Diets. Suck.

Diets are so opposed to the pursuit of happiness that even thinking about them is depressing. It’s not like you can just decide to go on a diet and immediately begin, either. You have to  do research and buy special products and oh my god, I’m just going to order a pizza.

Exercise Is Also Dumb

Seriously, how come everything that’s supposed to be so good for you is also the absolute worst?

Exercise is gross, boring, dreadful and expensive. Pizza is $10 and will show up at my door within 30 minutes.

The Holidays 

What do skinny people even do for holidays? Just open gifts and talk to their loved ones?

No, thank you.

As I mentioned before, food > people, especially skinny people.

Food Makes You a Better Person

Think about it. When you’re well fed, you have more energy, so you’re in a better mood. You’re not as worried about your next meal, either, which means you’re more likely to be nice to people, too.

Skinny people are miserable 24/7. They’re constantly resisting the temptation to eat almost anything and thinking about how they have to go torture themselves at the gym for an hour or two after work.

So, food > fat people > skinny people

Did we miss any of the benefits of being big-boned? If so, use our meme creator and make one of your own. Then reward yourself with a cupcake!