Best of Dwight Schrute

When The Office first debuted on NBC, I have to admit I didn’t originally get the show. I mean, I found it funny, but it wasn’t until later, when I started working in an actual office, that I realized the genius of the show.

Of course, it turns out millions of people felt the same way and many of them did for the same reason.

If you’ve never worked in an office before, rest assured that Dwight Schrute is a real character. While every office doesn’t necessarily contain a part-time beat farmer, they all have someone full of self-confidence, who takes themselves too seriously, sucks up to the boss and ruins the fun for everyone around them.

Which Is Not to Say Dwight Is Always Wrong

To be fair, Dwight wasn’t wrong all the time. It’s just that people like Dwight never admit when they’re wrong but make sure the whole world knows about it when they’re right.

Dwight Ruin Everything

Another charming trait of people like Dwight is that they have to open their mouths and ruin everything no matter what.

“I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”

“That’s impossible.”


Weekend Plans

Here’s more quintessential Dwight behavior. You come into the office on Monday and talk about what you did with your free two days. A “Dwight” will always have the most fantastic stories. Likewise, they have lived extraordinary lives. Forget that they’re low-level salespeople at paper companies, when they’re not in the office, they’re living exciting lives of intrigue.

Dwight in the Classroom

Dwights aren’t just in the office, either. That might be their natural habitats, but you’ll find them plenty of other places, too. Basically, any place where someone can be full of themselves and inflate their sense of importance, you can find a Dwight.

Classrooms are perfect for this. Anyone out there have to deal with a Professor Schrute?

Dwights Never Thinks They’re Dwight

We have bad news: if you can’t identify the Dwight Schrute in your office, that means you’re the Dwight Schrute of your office. Despite overwhelming evidence, Dwights never catch onto this.

Again, He’s Not Always Wrong…

Again, don’t completely dismiss everything a Dwight Schrute has to say. From time to time, they’ll stumble into enlightenment and may share some actual knowledge worth hearing. This meme is a good example of this.

Do you have a Dwight Schrute in your life? Then use our meme generator to create one of your own and at least get some joy from being Jim Halpert.