Best of Chill Out Lemur

Lemurs are probably one of the coolest animals on the entire planet.

Their name is Latin for “spirits of the night.” They use their tails for communication, are native to Madagascar and…that’s actually all I know about them.

Oh, they also star in a very, very popular meme: The Chill Out Lemur.

Here are its greatest hits.

Been There

I mean, c’mon, girl. Just one. Above the shirt. Chill.


Look, I like to party, okay? Alright? And, yes, sometimes, it’s going to involve some chemical enhancers. And every now and then its’ going to be bath salts…which may or may not turn people into absolutely insane murderers.


Story of My Life

This lemur gets me.

I can tell that this is a lemur who knows what it’s like to wake up every day, desperately need coffee, possibly have a hangover and need to put up with people all at the same time.

People: do not talk to me…at least not until the bath salts kick in…

All Day

Some days, there’s not enough coffee or bath salts in the world to make it to the end in a good mood. On those days, this lemur is my spirit animal.


Easily one of the hardest parts about any relationship – friendly or romantic – is trying to get on the same page regarding what to freak out about.

When you’re losing your mind and your friend isn’t, it’s one of the most annoying feelings ever. The only thing worse is when you’re the one keeping it together and your friend won’t quit freaking out about something completely trivial.

Half the Time I’m on Facebook…

All day long, year round, it seems like everyone I know is just constantly posting their bizarre opinions and beliefs all over social media.

I’m not buying it.

I already believe what I believe. Please stop trying to convince me of literally anything else.

Sorry, Teach! 

Oh, man. Every teacher starts out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed thinking they’re going to change the world starting with you, their students.


Sorry – we’re just here because we have to be and we’re going to leave ASAP.

Freud Was a Weird Guy

I don’t really have any context for this one; I just wanted to say it.

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