Best of Chemistry Cat

This is a good example of a meme that actually doesn’t need a single word.

I mean look at that cat. That’s an adorable cat all on its own, but then they went and added glasses and a bow-tie. And it appears he’s teaching some sort of class – a cat class, apparently on the fine art of eating.

Dad Cat Jokes Are Now a Thing

Two groups of people known for bad jokes: dads and teachers. Everyone knows about Dad Jokes, but c’mon, teachers? Adults constantly trying to relate to young people? This often involves jokes and they are always horrible.

These memes represent a combination of dad and teacher jokes as told by an adorable cat.

We’ve All Thought About It

At some point, we’ve all been in a chemistry class, bored out of our minds, wondering what we could possibly ever use this information for.

Then we looked around and it became obvious.

Speaking of Science

If the Internet has done anything, it’s prove – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that people love themselves some cute cat videos and photos. There is literally no situation out there that can’t be improved with the picture of a cute cat.

Seems Legit

This cat is doing an impression of me in every chemistry class I ever took: just a blank stare, a bunch of glassware in front of me that I know nothing and a bluff that I hope will somehow carry over into a passing grade.

One for the Smart Crowd

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t actually get this joke. I’m just including it here because I assume it’s funny to smart people. You’re welcome, smart people!

Ohhhhh Boy

Here’s a piece of advice that you can just follow no matter what in any situation: never ever hand over your phone. In the classroom, in a relationship, wherever, whenever, keep your phone locked and keep it on you at all times.

Be Careful!

The lab can be a dangerous place, of course. In reality, it’s no place for someone without opposable thumbs.

Whatever you’re doing at the moment, quit doing it, sit down and come up with some other funny things for Chemistry Cat to say. Then use our simple meme generator and bring your idea to life. Then we can post it here and you’ll see if other people are feline it. You cat beat that!

(Sorry for those)