Anti-Joke Chicken Memes

Anti-Joke Chicken Memes 

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

If you’re the chicken in this meme, you know the answer and it’s not funny and why don’t you grow up?

Chickens have really tough lives. They spend all day bobbing their heads, producing eggs that get stolen right out from under them and, eventually, end up deep-fried and tasting absolutely delicious.

So I guess it’s kind of understandable that the anti-joke chicken in this meme isn’t in the mood for any of your hijinks. He’s more than happy to tell you about it, though.

Obvious Answers That Ruin Jokes 

We’ve all been there. We have a great joke ready to go. We tell our friends and…someone ruins it by giving the most obvious answer that’s not even a good punch line. That person is not your friend, by the way. In any case, he’s been immortalized in these memes.


yeesh. Starting off on a high note.




…I don’t get it.


Yeah, well, ya didn’t see this coming! *smacks him in the beak*


Well, you don’t, because you’re a dumb chicken who’s good for nothing but getting eaten.


I feel like that was directed at me.

Anti-Joke Chicken Lightens Up 

Even anti-joke chicken has to loosen up every now and then. He’s literally known as a “cock.” Who can be made at life all day with that hanging over their heads?

Or maybe that explains it.

Well, at least he gets in the spirit of things from time to time.


Ha! Anti-joke chicken! Where did that come from?!?


Anti-joke chicken is kind of a pervert.


This is how I imagine anti-joke chicken after a few drinks.


You’re right. Chicken is way better for you.

Anti-Joke Takes Things Too Far 

After years of hearing people’s dumb jokes, the chicken has come up with some of his own. And I thought the homeless guy one was bad…


Yeah, well, what he lacks in legs, he makes up for in laughs, which is more than I can say about you!


Wow…that’s some dark meat.


Good lord, I was just leaving.


Now that’s what I call jerk chicken!


Do chickens eat crickets? Because I’m hearing a lot of them right now.

Anti-Joke Chicken Has Had Enough


As for me, I’m off to KFC.

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