Annoying Childhood Friend Memes

Growing up, there are a number of friends we all had. There’s your best friend, of course. There’s your frenemy. There’s your first crush. Then there’s that annoying childhood friend who just constantly got on your last nerve over and over again. Looking back, you’re not really sure why you hung out with them so much.

However, now that person has a purpose. They make for a great meme. The following are the best Annoying Childhood Friend memes on the Internet.

The Childhood Friends We All Had 

I can almost guarantee most of us had this friend. It may have been several friends, but for some reason, the below memes are 100% accurate and represent people who actually exist.

Of course, if you don’t recognize any of the memes below, I have bad news: you were probably that kid. Shame on you.

Shut. Up.


This was the worst.


And then if he did let you play, this would inevitably happen:


To be fair, if you fell for this twice, it’s on you:


This was completely unacceptable and I hold a grudge to this day:


Unfortunately, a lot of times, this kid doesn’t grow up. He will always be a rich kid’s son. Someday, something will happen to that money and then he’ll become your best friend:


Finally, there was always that one duplicitous kid who was only your friend when convenient. He’s probably a politician now:


Creepy Kid After Your Attention 

Listen, we’ve all been young and in love and don’t always make the wisest decisions. Sometimes, those decisions involve creeping out the target of our desires. Again, if you were never this kid, then, sadly, this means you were probably the one being creeped on.

It’s always good to make a girl laugh:


Sure, it’s good to be direct, but dude…


Alright, for real, you need to slow down a bit:


If You Were Ever Fat… 

You may have had that friend who was always hungry, but maybe you were the kid who was eating constantly. Even if you’re not, we’ve all been there. We’ve all gone through a stage where, well, we just…kept…eating.

It wasn’t great, but I miss the school cafeteria sometimes:


Don’t act like you don’t still crave them:


Everyone remembers the first time they sat down for ribs. Glorious ribs. Once you have ribs, they’re all you ever want:


A lot of us aren’t necessarily big boned; it’s just that the seasons don’t work in our favor.


Your loving mom will never admit it. She’ll definitely never take responsibility for all that food she fed you as a kid. Still, it’s worth letting her know:


I mean, this goes without saying:


Actually, it doesn’t even have to be a Kit Kat bar:


Don’t make this mistake!


Instead, take advantage of our free Meme Generator and come up with some Annoying Childhood Friend memes of your own. Feel free to make them based on the above or use an actual friend from your past for inspiration.