Annoyed Piccard Memes

If you watched Star Trek: The Next Generation as a kid (don’t act like you didn’t), then you know all about Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He was the English Captain with a completely French name who was constantly going where no man had gone before.

Of course, as you can imagine, being in charge of the USS Enterprise was no cakewalk. There were times when poor Captain Picard was simply pushed too far. From this lone image of the man having a bit of a fit (and justifiably so) comes the famous Annoyed Piccard Meme. Here are the best examples.

Dealing with Dumb People 

All of us have to deal with people every single day, whether it’s friends, family, coworkers or perfect strangers. Sometimes, though, we are forced to put up with especially dumb ones. You can only do this so many times before you become Annoyed Piccard.

If you’ve ever worked retail, this is your meme (over and over and over):


This is for all you parents (not that your kids are dumb) and those who have tried to train someone on new software:


Exactly. Learn what each is for or don’t complain:


Summed up perfectly:


There are times when all you can say is:


Life in the Office 

Granted, the Enterprise wasn’t an office, but it was a workplace. Like any workplace, it involved more than a handful of employees who made life unnecessarily difficult for others. Can you relate? Then these memes are for you.

When you manage people who aren’t using the tools in front of them:


Even on the USS Enterprise, I bet this happens. This happens in absolutely every workplace:


Ever try to start a meeting but that one person always holds things up?


Speaking of that one employee who is never on time:


Nothing. Nothing pisses off a trainer/manager more than their employees saying, “I don’t know how”:


Picard Explains Relationships 

Picard himself never had many relationships, but according to these memes, it seems as though he had a pretty good understanding of what they entailed.

This is how they start:


Next, you hit them up on social media:


Then, you become a couple and you soon have that first argument:


It’s going to happen again:


And another:


But, hey, if things work out, you’ll end up moving in with each other, which is great! Of course, there will still be fights:


So long as those fights don’t become too much, you’ll settle down and get married. Then, there will be a baby. And, then, you can have this fight:


Just try your best to stay out of any argument that ends with this kind of situation:


And, good lord, avoid this moment at all costs. The moment your significant other does this, you are in serious trouble:


If things don’t work out, though, there’s always Adele:



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