Angry School Boy

After enough years in the workforce, most of us would love to go back to the carefree days of being in school. But don’t forget about all the challenges you faced at that age too. The Angry School Boy meme perfectly encapsulates many of them.

Moms vs. Videogames  

Will Smith once famously opined that “parents just don’t understand.” To what degree this is true is up for debate, but most of us will probably agree that moms just don’t get videogames. They simply don’t understand them at all. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes tempers boil over.

I don’t know how mom can’t get this through her head:


This ends one of two ways, mom:


Mom, you’re embarrassing me:


It’s not a videogame but still. Mom needs to get her act together before I go Super Saiyan on her:


While we’re on the subject, mom:


Well, yeah:


Taking on Mom’s Cooking  

One job almost every mom takes on is keeping her family fed. Sure, dads can cook too, but more times than not, it’s mom who has to handle this all-important task. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s always on the mark. When she’s not, these are the memes for you.

It’s like mom wants you to go hungry or something:


This is the oldest excuse in the book, mom:


Total double-standard, mom:


The one food item no mom can screw up (hopefully):


Don’t Forget About Dad 

We just gave moms a whole heap of flack, but let’s not pretend like dads don’t grind our gears too. Sometimes, they can push the limits as well, at which point, the following memes immediately become appropriate.

This was almost always because of dad:


Well, that escalated quickly:


Your dad might be kind of a jerk:


No matter what, every dad likes reminding his kid about how much work he does and how little they do and it’s like:


Making It Through School 

Being that the meme is Angry School Boy, it only makes sense that we would also include scenarios from this often difficult time in everyone’s life.

This was the worst. I don’t think they even make these pencils anymore and it’s because of this:


Nothing made me hate a teacher quicker than when they did this:


Though, when I did know the answer…:


Speaking of hatred:


I barely know how to get the answer and now I have to show my work? C’mon:


Don’t ask questions, mom. The point is that it simply cannot get done:


Is gym class even that big of a deal anymore? Can I just sit on the bleachers?


Ugh. Fine. Great. Another test:


It was a dark, dark day when this became apparent:


Even if you’re out of school now, most of the above memories are probably still fresh in your brain. If you’d like to bring some of them to life, feel free to use our Meme Generator and share them with the rest of the world.