And Then I Told Them Memes

Hanging out with your friends naturally leads to telling a story or two. Whatever the story is about, if it involves others, there’s a good chance that, at some point, you’re going to say, “And then I told them.” Sound familiar? If so, here are the memes for you.

Telling Them at Work 

Work is full of opportunities to tell a great story to your friends. Whether you’re the one in charge or you’re trying to put up with those above you, at least one of the memes below should help you cope with the stress of going to work.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to write this kind of email, you did it with a huge smile on your face:


Being a manager means you have to deal with this like once a week:


Every manager has also made this mistake too:

When your people aren’t asking for breaks, they’re usually asking for raises:


Client calls are just a part of working in an office which ultimately leads to this type of exchange:


Documentation is important, but that doesn’t mean documentation is always easy:


Sometimes, you mean really well. Sometimes, that doesn’t mean you’re going to do what you said:


Eventually, this is the only way you can have fun at the office:


When you manage people, they will inevitably ask if they’re working a certain day, when they already know full well they are. That’s when you have this meme:


This might hit home a bit too much for some people:


Telling Them at School 

It should come as no surprise that this meme also works really well in school. As either a student or a teacher, there are all kinds of occasions where you might have the opportunity for this moment.

Nothing is as rewarding as not paying any attention to the teacher when they’re thinking just the opposite:


In their defense, they probably mean it. They probably think it’s going to be a blast. Still:


Then there are those teachers who definitely take pleasure in this:


That same math teacher who said it would be fun will also do this:


Never believe a teacher when they say:


To be fair, there are probably a lot more drinks involved:


…is that a no, then?


Another sadistic teacher moment:


Hanging with Your Friends 

This entire meme is designed around talking with your buddies, so it only makes sense that there would be some great ones that include things you might say to your friends.

I know you would never do this, but:


Or this:


We have all been here:


Maybe you’ve even been here:


Did any of these ring a bell? Have you been knee deep in a story and finally delivered the line, “And then I told them? If so and you didn’t see a particular scenario covered above, feel free to use our Meme Generator and let the rest of us know what you told them.