While people may refer to this as the “fat girl” meme, I know plenty of us just see this woman as reasonable and realistic.

Being overweight may not be healthy, but it’s a lot more enjoyable than exercising and not eating. For those who can relate, these memes are for you.

Diets Suck

Look, we all know that it’s important to eat healthy. We know that we’e supposed to eat salads and have fruits and quit carbs. The problem is  that those things taste awful compared to fast food and beer.

So I get this meme. Diets suck and are extremely easy (and rewarding) to cheat on.

Food > People

Along the same lines, there are times when food is just better than people. I call this “after you turn 30.”

When you compare the pros and cons of people and food, it’s no contest. Food is better. The official rankings go:

  1. Unhealthy Food
  2. Good People
  3. Healthy Food
  4. Bad People

And, to be honest, a lot of times, unhealthy food and good people are neck-and-neck. Like, they’re not great, but I’d rather have an apple than hang out with someone who is morally superior to me.

Diets Suck pt. 2

Sorry, but it’s worth bringing up again: Diets. Suck.

Diets are so opposed to the pursuit of happiness that even thinking about them is depressing. It’s not like you can just decide to go on a diet and immediately begin, either. You have to  do research and buy special products and oh my god, I’m just going to order a pizza.

Exercise Is Also Dumb

Seriously, how come everything that’s supposed to be so good for you is also the absolute worst?

Exercise is gross, boring, dreadful and expensive. Pizza is $10 and will show up at my door within 30 minutes.

The Holidays 

What do skinny people even do for holidays? Just open gifts and talk to their loved ones?

No, thank you.

As I mentioned before, food > people, especially skinny people.

Food Makes You a Better Person

Think about it. When you’re well fed, you have more energy, so you’re in a better mood. You’re not as worried about your next meal, either, which means you’re more likely to be nice to people, too.

Skinny people are miserable 24/7. They’re constantly resisting the temptation to eat almost anything and thinking about how they have to go torture themselves at the gym for an hour or two after work.

So, food > fat people > skinny people

Did we miss any of the benefits of being big-boned? If so, use our meme creator and make one of your own. Then reward yourself with a cupcake!

When The Office first debuted on NBC, I have to admit I didn’t originally get the show. I mean, I found it funny, but it wasn’t until later, when I started working in an actual office, that I realized the genius of the show.

Of course, it turns out millions of people felt the same way and many of them did for the same reason.

If you’ve never worked in an office before, rest assured that Dwight Schrute is a real character. While every office doesn’t necessarily contain a part-time beat farmer, they all have someone full of self-confidence, who takes themselves too seriously, sucks up to the boss and ruins the fun for everyone around them.

Which Is Not to Say Dwight Is Always Wrong

To be fair, Dwight wasn’t wrong all the time. It’s just that people like Dwight never admit when they’re wrong but make sure the whole world knows about it when they’re right.

Dwight Ruin Everything

Another charming trait of people like Dwight is that they have to open their mouths and ruin everything no matter what.

“I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”

“That’s impossible.”


Weekend Plans

Here’s more quintessential Dwight behavior. You come into the office on Monday and talk about what you did with your free two days. A “Dwight” will always have the most fantastic stories. Likewise, they have lived extraordinary lives. Forget that they’re low-level salespeople at paper companies, when they’re not in the office, they’re living exciting lives of intrigue.

Dwight in the Classroom

Dwights aren’t just in the office, either. That might be their natural habitats, but you’ll find them plenty of other places, too. Basically, any place where someone can be full of themselves and inflate their sense of importance, you can find a Dwight.

Classrooms are perfect for this. Anyone out there have to deal with a Professor Schrute?

Dwights Never Thinks They’re Dwight

We have bad news: if you can’t identify the Dwight Schrute in your office, that means you’re the Dwight Schrute of your office. Despite overwhelming evidence, Dwights never catch onto this.

Again, He’s Not Always Wrong…

Again, don’t completely dismiss everything a Dwight Schrute has to say. From time to time, they’ll stumble into enlightenment and may share some actual knowledge worth hearing. This meme is a good example of this.

Do you have a Dwight Schrute in your life? Then use our meme generator to create one of your own and at least get some joy from being Jim Halpert.

This is a good example of a meme that actually doesn’t need a single word.

I mean look at that cat. That’s an adorable cat all on its own, but then they went and added glasses and a bow-tie. And it appears he’s teaching some sort of class – a cat class, apparently on the fine art of eating.

Dad Cat Jokes Are Now a Thing

Two groups of people known for bad jokes: dads and teachers. Everyone knows about Dad Jokes, but c’mon, teachers? Adults constantly trying to relate to young people? This often involves jokes and they are always horrible.

These memes represent a combination of dad and teacher jokes as told by an adorable cat.

We’ve All Thought About It

At some point, we’ve all been in a chemistry class, bored out of our minds, wondering what we could possibly ever use this information for.

Then we looked around and it became obvious.

Speaking of Science

If the Internet has done anything, it’s prove – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that people love themselves some cute cat videos and photos. There is literally no situation out there that can’t be improved with the picture of a cute cat.

Seems Legit

This cat is doing an impression of me in every chemistry class I ever took: just a blank stare, a bunch of glassware in front of me that I know nothing and a bluff that I hope will somehow carry over into a passing grade.

One for the Smart Crowd

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t actually get this joke. I’m just including it here because I assume it’s funny to smart people. You’re welcome, smart people!

Ohhhhh Boy

Here’s a piece of advice that you can just follow no matter what in any situation: never ever hand over your phone. In the classroom, in a relationship, wherever, whenever, keep your phone locked and keep it on you at all times.

Be Careful!

The lab can be a dangerous place, of course. In reality, it’s no place for someone without opposable thumbs.

Whatever you’re doing at the moment, quit doing it, sit down and come up with some other funny things for Chemistry Cat to say. Then use our simple meme generator and bring your idea to life. Then we can post it here and you’ll see if other people are feline it. You cat beat that!

(Sorry for those)

Lemurs are probably one of the coolest animals on the entire planet.

Their name is Latin for “spirits of the night.” They use their tails for communication, are native to Madagascar and…that’s actually all I know about them.

Oh, they also star in a very, very popular meme: The Chill Out Lemur.

Here are its greatest hits.

Been There

I mean, c’mon, girl. Just one. Above the shirt. Chill.


Look, I like to party, okay? Alright? And, yes, sometimes, it’s going to involve some chemical enhancers. And every now and then its’ going to be bath salts…which may or may not turn people into absolutely insane murderers.


Story of My Life

This lemur gets me.

I can tell that this is a lemur who knows what it’s like to wake up every day, desperately need coffee, possibly have a hangover and need to put up with people all at the same time.

People: do not talk to me…at least not until the bath salts kick in…

All Day

Some days, there’s not enough coffee or bath salts in the world to make it to the end in a good mood. On those days, this lemur is my spirit animal.


Easily one of the hardest parts about any relationship – friendly or romantic – is trying to get on the same page regarding what to freak out about.

When you’re losing your mind and your friend isn’t, it’s one of the most annoying feelings ever. The only thing worse is when you’re the one keeping it together and your friend won’t quit freaking out about something completely trivial.

Half the Time I’m on Facebook…

All day long, year round, it seems like everyone I know is just constantly posting their bizarre opinions and beliefs all over social media.

I’m not buying it.

I already believe what I believe. Please stop trying to convince me of literally anything else.

Sorry, Teach! 

Oh, man. Every teacher starts out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed thinking they’re going to change the world starting with you, their students.


Sorry – we’re just here because we have to be and we’re going to leave ASAP.

Freud Was a Weird Guy

I don’t really have any context for this one; I just wanted to say it.

Have some ideas for your own memes? Our meme creator is always available. Let us know what your version of the Chill Out Lemur is saying and post it to our site.

Growing up, there are a number of friends we all had. There’s your best friend, of course. There’s your frenemy. There’s your first crush. Then there’s that annoying childhood friend who just constantly got on your last nerve over and over again. Looking back, you’re not really sure why you hung out with them so much.

However, now that person has a purpose. They make for a great meme. The following are the best Annoying Childhood Friend memes on the Internet.

The Childhood Friends We All Had 

I can almost guarantee most of us had this friend. It may have been several friends, but for some reason, the below memes are 100% accurate and represent people who actually exist.

Of course, if you don’t recognize any of the memes below, I have bad news: you were probably that kid. Shame on you.

Shut. Up.


This was the worst.


And then if he did let you play, this would inevitably happen:


To be fair, if you fell for this twice, it’s on you:


This was completely unacceptable and I hold a grudge to this day:


Unfortunately, a lot of times, this kid doesn’t grow up. He will always be a rich kid’s son. Someday, something will happen to that money and then he’ll become your best friend:


Finally, there was always that one duplicitous kid who was only your friend when convenient. He’s probably a politician now:


Creepy Kid After Your Attention 

Listen, we’ve all been young and in love and don’t always make the wisest decisions. Sometimes, those decisions involve creeping out the target of our desires. Again, if you were never this kid, then, sadly, this means you were probably the one being creeped on.

It’s always good to make a girl laugh:


Sure, it’s good to be direct, but dude…


Alright, for real, you need to slow down a bit:


If You Were Ever Fat… 

You may have had that friend who was always hungry, but maybe you were the kid who was eating constantly. Even if you’re not, we’ve all been there. We’ve all gone through a stage where, well, we just…kept…eating.

It wasn’t great, but I miss the school cafeteria sometimes:


Don’t act like you don’t still crave them:


Everyone remembers the first time they sat down for ribs. Glorious ribs. Once you have ribs, they’re all you ever want:


A lot of us aren’t necessarily big boned; it’s just that the seasons don’t work in our favor.


Your loving mom will never admit it. She’ll definitely never take responsibility for all that food she fed you as a kid. Still, it’s worth letting her know:


I mean, this goes without saying:


Actually, it doesn’t even have to be a Kit Kat bar:


Don’t make this mistake!


Instead, take advantage of our free Meme Generator and come up with some Annoying Childhood Friend memes of your own. Feel free to make them based on the above or use an actual friend from your past for inspiration.